Eufy Doorbell on Echo Show

Is there any way to have the Echo Show automatically pull up the Eufy Doorbell camera when the button is pressed? I can ask Alexa to shows front doorbell, but I’m looking for something faster and easier.


Hello! @Jeff_Foster1 We’re sincerely sorry that at the current stage, the doorbell system doesn’t support Echo Show. We will try our best to forward your expectation to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the future product improvement plan. As a to-be perfect product, we do know there still exist many aspects of video doorbell that need further polishing. We will keep working! Thanks so much for your valuable time and suggestion!

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@AnkerSupport this would be an incredibly useful feature.


Same. Hoping for this feature very soon. Jealous it works for friends with Ring.

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So this displays on an Amazon Show mode capable device. However, it would seem that the Alexa SDK has advanced even further now (as demonstrated by Amazon’s Ring doorbells), where pressing the doorbell button can:
Create an event you can trigger on for an Alexa Routine (so you could turn on a light, our make an announcement that someone is at the door)

Have Alexas be custom door chimes

Tell Alexa to “Answer the front door” and you can dialog with the visitor without seeing them on a non-display device (like dropping in to the doorbell).

So, it looks like these hooks are already there for the Eufy Doorbell but just don’t do anything yet. So pressing the button doesn’t send the event you could trigger on. Nor does it play the chime you select in the Amazon Alexa app under the doorbell’s settings.

I believe there’s just a little work to do to catch up. Anyone working on these items?

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@AnkerSupport This feature has not been released yet after this many months…?
Ring doorbell has this feature, so as a competitor, I guess Eufy should act fast enough.
I was surprised when I realized this feature does not exist on Eufy, as I bought Echoshow and Eufy together with a expectation that Echoshow show would normally show the front door camera without any voice command. This basically the very first need of this bundle. If i wanted to give voice command, then why would i use Echoshow. I could use the cellphone. The only reason i bought this bundle was this reason, now Echoshow is useless for me, and eufy does not have the feature i want. If Ring could do this, Eufy can do it as well!


This is very upsetting, seeing as though I just purchased my Eufy battery doorbell and waiting on my Echo show to come in the mail :woman_facepalming:t4:. I would not have purchased if I knew these two were not compatible with each other.

I just replaced my month-old Ring 3 doorbell with an Eufy, and my experience is far, far better with the Eufy. I have an 8" Amazon Show, and was mesmerized by the thought that when the doorbell would ring, the camera would automatically come on and display its picture on the Show. Yes, that works (for video only) after an agonizing 7 to 13 second typical delay, while the Ring servers fire up and connect to the Amazon servers. I never got anything better than 7 seconds, after a month of trying everything to speed that up. And sometimes the servers just timed out. Then you have to say “Alexa, answer the Front Doorbell.” to be able to speak, and there’s another slightly shorter delay.

In comparison, with the Eufy, the delay is about 2-3 seconds to both picture and sound, after saying “Alexa answer the Front Doorbell.” (I just opened the Eufy box two hours ago, so I still have limited experience, but the first few tries were far better than the best the Ring 3 was ever able to achieve). And a feature I really like that the ring doesn’t have is the automatic 3 second video feed when motion is detected. Live view on the Eufy is instantaneous, and often just timed out on the Ring 3. The Eufy setup process was quick and worked the first time. I connected 2.4 GHz, but saw my 5.1 and 5.2 GHz. SSIDs, so I presume it works on those bands too. All-in-all, it’s not even close. Please note: I’m just a regular civilian consumer who paid full retail for both products–I have no connection to Eufy or Ancher.

Hello I am interrested too by an automation when someone press the doorbell that the “echo show” show directly the video of the doorbell :slight_smile:

same here, but on google home assistant, I spent $400 CAD on this including the display, hurry up man!!

@AnkerSupport any news on this? It’s over a year now and your skill on Amazon get’s one starred like hell just because of this issue. Will it work some time in the future?

I read a suggestion (I can’t remember from where) to use a 2nd Echo device to issue a custom routine command such as “Alexa, show doorbell” when the doorbell is pressed. It sounded a bit kludgy, but since the Echo Flex is currently on sale for $15 CDN, I decided to pick one up, and it actually works! Now, if only Eufy would support the 2-way voice"answer doorbell" command, it would be perfect.

@AnkerSupport can you please provide an update from the engineering team on when the live notification feature will be available? A lot of customers would really appreciate it.

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Was going to replace my Ring doorbell with Eufy but having read it doesn’t do Live popup when doorbell is pressed on Echo Show 8 I will have to look elsewhere it seems.

Please sort this out Eufy you have a good product but you need to keep up with Ring as this is a crucial feature for Echo Show users.

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I am able to get this to work!! Setup a new routine in the Amazon Alexa app. For “When this happens”, select “Smart home” and “Doorbell”. For “Add action”, select “Custom”. then type the command you want for viewing the doorbell and what device you want it to occur on.


Thanks for the suggestion! This totally works! The delay is a bit longer than I’d like.

Yeah, it was very slow to come up on mine as well, but not any slower then when I speak the command.

I cannot find “Custom” option. Under “Add new” menu, I have just following “Alexa says, calendar, calling, date and time, device settings, email, fire tv, ifttt, messaging, music, news, skills, smart home, sounds, traffic, wait, weather”. Am I looking at the right screen?

Below “Weather” is “Custom”. I am using the Apple app. Not sure if that makes a difference. You may need to update your Alexa app.

I can’t find the „custom“ option too!
Ist the custom option only available in some countrys!? I have a german Amazon account. Or have I to activate a developer-view or something else!?

It would be greate to get this to work!