Eufy doorbell notifications on 5ghz iphone

my router is 2.4 and 5 ghz the eufy doorbell needs 2.4 ghz. Can I see the notifications on the iPhone at 5 GHz?

I don’t own but yes I’d expect to work as sharing the same network, behind NAT and firewall. The frequency is just how each connect to the same network.

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As @professor noted, you should be fine. As long as your doorbell can connect to the internet via 2.4GHz, your other devices should receive notifications regardless of how they connect to the internet.

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Ok! Thanks.
Have a nice day.

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Thank you. I just order my a Eusy doorbell. :grinning:

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There is a Eufy security specific forum suggest join, introduce yourself.

You’ll either have few / no issues and so be able to help others after you, or have issues and discuss there. Either is good.

The only common issue I saw was WiFi connection, distance from router etc but they have relatively easy workarounds if it happens.

Based on the moderator, the only official Eufy community that is frequent by Eufy Team is:
The Anker Eufy board is the old board. So please move Eufy questions there. Here is the message:

It’s unfortunate as I find the Anker Eufy board more user friendly…

OK! Thanks for the message. I registered there.

@Harry24 I dont have any Eufy security products and haven’t created a user over there. So can you carry this message forwards? Don’t think it’s the same Mengdi here as there.

Can they move the Eufy section from here at the Anker community to the Eufy one? So copy from here to there and delete here? It would help force searches to go there as no success is found here eventually.

Only reflecting what Anker decided with their brands and support.

Even if we here point users from here there, if someone came here via Google and then from here clicked to there, then as far as Google is concerned this is the right place to send people who search.

Unless Anker acts, it’s just going to keep Eufy questions here… Forever.

Done. No problem.

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