EUFY Doorbell - lost QR code and tool

Hi, I do not have my QR code or the tool to remove the doorbell from the wall. I’ve used a paperclip and other similar tools to remove, but cannot get the doorbell to release. I called Eufy customer service and they are mailing me another tool. Any other ideas to remove the doorbell and/or to be able to set up the doorbell again after change in router/wireless and removing the device from the app? I appreciate it.

Also, gave feedback to Eufy about having other ways to set up doorbell without QR code.

@Oggyboy you have this doorbell I think? Any ideas?

Hi @home914 , it’s only a really thin prong. Maybe an iPhone SIM card removal tool?

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Hi, I tried this, but did not work. Any other ideas? I have tried prying it off but it will not work. I’d like to get my doorbell installed and working again. I can’t believe Anker/Eufy relied on printed QR codes or a code on the back of the device that you cannot access. Customer support has not been helpful.

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