[eufy doorbell] Increase length of clip prior to motion being detected

I’ve had a few instances now where the doorbell detects motion with package delivery people. However, the clip usually starts with them walking away. Would be great if the camera could show the 10-15 seconds prior to motion being detected.


Yes!!! I have that same problem multiple times.

Mine originally was recording 2-3 seconds before motion started, but it seems to have stopped doing that…

I think even 2-3 might be a bit too short, but that would be better for sure. I know on my old skybell i’d get at least enough footage to show the person walking up to my door. Now it’s usually when they’re either at the door or turned around already.

Also, the it stops recording when you/your family view the live footage. I want it to continue recording as long as there are motions, even when someone is viewing the live footage. A delivery guy came this morning, my sister answered the bell via the Eufy app and talked to the delivery guy through the app, but the doorbell did not record the conversation. @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport please fix these issue in the next firmware update.

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Oh that’s a good catch and yeah, should absolutely be preserved. I don’t mind using up extra storage. Each clip, even at ~1 minute is only like ~50mb, maybe a bit more. But plenty of room for a longer clip.