Eufy doorbell i don't get any sound in live

Hi, I just installed the doorbell last weekend.
I’ve not tested all the features after installation, so I decided to test it today.
Motion Detection works fine, I do get sound recorded when it is triggered by motion detection (although it is very weak).
When I do LIVE, no matter what, I cannot hear anything on my phone. I tried turning on/off the microphone on my speaker, and speaker on my phone on and off.
How do I get 2-way audio?

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well, it looks like it doesn’t record anything from motion detection either… looks like a bad microphone on my doorbell :frowning:

There must be some settings doing it, I don’t own doorbell, but similar issues reported for eufycam and adjusting settings will do the trick.
You can contact, they are really good resolving these type of issues.
@TechMan @TechMan2 any word?


I can’t always hear audio well, even if 2 way audio is on.

I would think this is a problem with your phone over the doorbell- but I could be wrong

I dont think its a problem with my phone, I have 2 phones (mine and my wife’s), different phones, but neither can hear.

That’s really weird.

Contact support at

I am having this same problem in terms of hearing the doorbell microphone on my phone (and my wife’s) phone. Is this due to a defective microphone? Any suggestions?

Hi, I have almost the same issue. As soon as I start my micro, I don’t have sound coming from my doorbell any more. Is it fixed for you ?
Thanks. Sorry for my english I’m french speaker.

I’m the original poster.
Yes, the issue is fixed for me. A hard restart of everything fixed it for me.

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Thanks for your feedback. I already performed a reset of all devices but the issue is still there.

I have this exact problem too. I just bought a battery Eufy doorbell and every time I press the microphone to start talking, I cannot hear any audio from the doorbell back to my phone. When I turn the microphone OFF, the audio starts working again, with the below caveat…

This behavior is COMPLETELY RANDOM. Sometimes, the audio will work, other times, it will not. To test this, start a live view. You will hear outside audio from the doorbell through your phone speakers. Turn on the microphone in the app to start 2-way communication. The audio will CUT OUT. You cannot hear anything from the doorbell to your phone, even if someone is shouting into the doorbell. If you start getting this behavior, restarting the livefeed might fix it, but then the next livefeed won’t work properly

No, it is NOT my internet/ethernet/wifi connection. I tried this on both ethernet and wifi, and have the same issue. My network is perfectly set up for IoT. Yes, I reset/restarted/removed all the devices from my phone, cleared the app data, and tried countless numbers of times. Wasted my entire day. It’s important to note that this happens on multiple devices: 2 phones and a tablet.

This is a dealbreaker for me. If Anker cannot fix this, I will return it and get my money back.

Hey guys!

The good news is we just release a new firmware will fix this issue. Please check your eufy account and see if the firmware has been upgraded to V2.2.1.3.

Hope this information helps. If this issue still persists, please do not hesitate to contact us again( We’re always ready to help!

Thanks again for all your support. Have a lovely day!

For some reason, yesterday, I noticed that it started working. Then I noticed that a new firmware update was pushed and to fix that exact problem.

Really good support. Hopefully it keeps up this way and I won’t have to return it after all.

Hopefully you have resolved you issue by now (unless you’re waiting for Eufy tech support for assistance). I too had my audio quit. I resolved the problem by removing the doorbell camera and reinstalling same.

I’m having the same problem: speaker doesn’t work. My firmware version says 2.322 and says it is up to date.

Also having this issue with no sound from doorbell on a new install with version 2.322. Any response from Eufy support?

I also have the same issue with the latest firmware 2.322. Eufy, could you please advise any solution for the issue.

Also, it just found out the wired version doorbell cannot serve as a trigger in the automation setting, while the battery one can. Why have such different and It did not make it clear on the box. I felt that I got tricked to have purchased this version.

I too am on V 2.322 and I notice that Anker have suddenly gone very shy. Please fix this and I might even forgive you for delivering a defective chime and start recommending Eufy products to all my family and neighbours.

Your idea is brilliant, your camera and detection software are brilliant, but these details are really leaving you down.

Your response would be appreciated.

Also mine doesn’t not work , I can hear everything on my iPhone bu not on the doorbell
my doorbell is updated on version today(24/12/2020) however this doesn’t fix the issue with the doorbell microphone
Any help/ support is really appreciated

Also, when I am on live streaming, I heard the sound clearly on my Ipad pro, but when I put my microphone on, I can’t heard the sound outside. If I put the microphone off, I heard that sound outside again. The firmware version for my doorbell (T8210) is I discover on my Android phone (Samsung A51), everything is working well. No problems there. I think the problem is only with Apple products.