Eufy Doorbell - greens are all PINK and no sound

So I’ve installed the Eufy Doorbell and I’m able to record and playback videos in the EufySecurity app. Installation was a breeze and getting everything hooked up with the existing EufyCam and base station was quick.

However, the first problem is that the colors are just off in both the videos and live view - all the greens show up as pink. The yard looks like a cherry blossom explosion with all the tree leaves and lawn showing as bright pink. This color issue shows up all day, irrespective of the lighting conditions (of course there’s no such issue at night). HDR and distortion correction are both not on. Streaming quality is set to auto, and recording quality is set to full HD.

The second issue I"m having is that there is no sound, either with the recorded videos, the live video, nor when attempting to speak through the doorbell. Two way audio and recorded audio for the other EufyCam cameras work just fine in the app, but there’s just no audio with the doorbell. Any idea what could be the problem?

What’s wrong with pink? It’s a nice color :rofl:. All jokes aside now…

Since the eufy doorbell is relatively new, not many people have it (i actually do have it though) so you may not get a ton of support for it here. For that reason I would just recommend contacting anker support at

When they respond, would you mind posting there response here so I can learn from it?

Good luck getting it fixed!

@TechMan Wrong email address, @flydiom please use this email when reaching out to support

It’s missing the IR filter you will need a replacement. This is not the first time I’ve seen this particular problem with a eufycam.

Photo taken without IR filter

So sorry… I was tired :disappointed:

Hello! @flydiom Sincerely sorry for all inconvenience caused by the abnormal image color and sound issue.

As for the sound issue, could you please try turning up the volume doorbell in the eufy security app to see whether it helps (steps: Slide the left menu>Go to My Devices>Doorbell>Sounds>Doorbell Audio Volume)?

If no, please try contacting and attach some images with abnormal color together with the sound issue. Our associated support staff will forward the issue to our engineer team for a further checking. Thanks so much for your valuable time!

As an update on this, the camera was determined to be defective and quickly exchanged. The replacement camera works great.

Glad to hear your issue has been resolved and your up and goin’ again @flydiom :slightly_smiling_face: