Eufy Doorbell Feedback Thread

Since there isn’t one of these yet I guess I should get the ball rolling.

Overall, coming from a Nest Hello, the Doorbell is a solid product. Functionality wise it’s great but I feel the motion sensitivity/recognition needs improvement.

Literally as I was typing this my Doorbell alerted me my parked car was a “person alert.” It showed me a thumbnail of the driver side window! My eufycam also occasionally thought my cars front was a face as well so I guess it’s safe to say this is a Eufy algorithm issue.

I’ve messed with the “activity zones” and sensitivity quite a bit and I can’t seem to get it in the sweet spot (minimal false alarms and near 100% accuracy of actual events). It’s either I get too many false alarms or 50% alerts on actual events. And this is still with the latest firmware (1.149)

HDR may need some adjustment too. Sometimes on videos (especially during dawn/dusk hours) there’s a lot of “flickering” with the exposure. Like it can’t decide what exposure it wants. Not an urgent issue but kind of frustrating.

Also I would like an option to limit clip length. Some of my false alarm clips are 5 minutes long!

The product shows a lot of potential and in time, like the Eufycam with software updates, it can become a great product. Hope to see continued improvements with this!


Great idea @Chris136 As of now the 2K Doorbell has performed great. I am at firmware v1.149 and still randomly get alerts for my neighbors tires everytime he pulls in/out of his garage. Other than that I am very happy with this doorbell.

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I wonder if they have their own algorithm or an API or something that they’re tapping into.

I’ve had a friend show me their Wyze cam, and their powered object recognition looked really cool. It could tell you not just that it sees an animal, but that it recognizes a zebra

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Hi @Chris136,

Thank you for your suggestion! Selecting “Face Only” for Moiton Detection sensitivity can minimize false positives. Would you like sharing more information about it? So that we could follow up in detail, both Motion Detection and HDR quality?

Hello @AnkerOfficial. Actually that video I mentioned with my car shows the hdr flicker I was talking about (I must’ve deleted the other ones I had before) As I’ve been constantly playing with the motion sensitivity and activity zones and I think I actually got a pretty good setup now. The past couple days have been false alert free! And all actual people have been recognized.

This video may still help show the issue I was referring to with HDR occasionally and provide insite on what Eufy thinks is a “person.” I would be happy to submit it!

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I love my new Eufy Doorbell. Installation and setup very easy. Highly recommend. Motion detection a little buggy but i am sure they will improve with firmware upgrades.

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Interesting. I have a digital antenna on my roof but on the complete opposite side of my house from where the doorbell is. Guess that’s why I haven’t seen anything affected by this.

Wow! I don’t have an antenna so Im good. But what I am seeing is weird flickering. Goes a little dark then light, back and forth. I turn off the HDR, I wait 5 minutes then turn HDR back on again. Im good after that!

I’ve had my Eufy Doorbell up and running for a few weeks.
No problems with installation, get a few false motion detection alerts from the shadows of tree branches in the active zone. I’m sure that will change with the seasons. Overall, I’m happy with the operation and the quality of the video.

It is our pleasure to provide the best service for you.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

Wish u have a great day!:partying_face:

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We’re still waiting for it to be released in the UK. Any news please?

What are the plans to fix server connectivity issues? I understand that a server needs to be up to communicate with the doorbell but it should be recording events even if the server or internet connection isn’t up. Once it can reconnect it should create a notification about any events that happened in the meantime.

During the recent server downtime I was unable to replay any old events but I was able to watch a livestream of the doorbell. It was interesting to see that some of the functionality didn’t require the server to be working.

Are there plans to improve the “human detection” algorithm? I’m regularly getting events from trees and bushes on all but the highest setting. At the highest setting, even humans don’t trigger an event. :frowning:
I’ve experimented with cropping the detection area but haven’t found a solution that consistently works.

When a real human is there, it does a terrific job at capturing their face! It makes very odd when I see a perfect thumbnail of the tree across the street which to my eye is no where remotely human.

They’re working on improving false alerts as of 12/24. I remain hopeful.

“Our engineer is working on a new version app, it will fix this issue.”

The ability to set more than one inclusion and one exclusion zone would be nice. Any reason why the max exclusion zone boundaries are so small?

Anybody know a way to auto save the clips to an Android device? I can individually download videos but my concern is what happens when/if the device is stolen? No video of it being stolen makes the app name an oxymoron. There’s nothing secure about a camera that when stolen contains the evidence.

First I will say I am a huge fan of the locally stored and encrypted videos. Installation was easy (new battery version will open up options for a lot more people) and for the most part it works well. I have had the odd bush or shadow picked up as an alert, however I am consistently missing real people. I would say at least half of my package deliveries are missed even to the extent I had 4 drop offs and a porch full of packages and not one alert other than the garbage guy going by in the morning. I have a set of images with my settings and activity zones if it will help including an amazon image showing he delivered and everything at my door but the doorbell missed it all. (Ironic a picture was taken of it and it didn’t take one back)

Any word on when this will get fixed? TBH I don’t care as much about false alerts as much as I do missing entire people putting things at my door. The lack of 24hr rolling replay only compounds the issue and I would say would be a good feature until the AI is fixed. I can snip my own clips in mean time.

I found that setting Sensitivity to Human Only makes it miss triggering on actual people. I set it to the second highest and used Activity Zone to restrict the view to areas without moving bushes. Frankly, the sensitivity option needs to be significantly improved to identify what is actually human. For false events, the “face thumbnail” of a bush clearly looks nothing like a human. When a human is present it is great at picking out the face. It seems they just ignore rejecting the result if a face cannot be found. I hope this will change but I haven’t seen any updates for a while.

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@Bryant108 I feel you! Mine keeps thinking that the rim on my car is a human and its not even moving…:laughing: as well as not detecting humans appropriately when there is someone within feet of doorbell…:thinking:


@llewellyn1971 I have the same issue where my camera keeps alerting me about my parked car rim been moving human, and it doesn’t catch real humans coming at my door most of the time.

It also catches rim of moving cars outside of my detection zone.

I wish it’s a bug with the current firmware because, with the previous version, I had no detection problems.

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