Eufy doorbell EU

When is the Eufy doorbell available and suitable in Europe, specifically in The Netherlands?


Hopefully they’ll change the operating voltage to 6-12v for Europe
They will internally operate on 5v/3v3/1v8 DC
AC to DC will give you 8v4 DC off 6v AC, 11v3 DC off 8v AC, 16v9 DC off 12v AC
You need 1v4 above regulated voltage for regulation to be stable so it should be easily doable

If they want 1 version (although WiFi is different in Europe to the US FCC spec) then they should supply a plugin 16v transformer (a bit like Ring)

In a email I got a couple of weeks ago it said that it should be launching in the U.K. sometime in September I think. So that might be the same for the Netherlands as well seeing as we’re both in Europe. :slight_smile:

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Much appreciate for your interest in our doorbell series. Your recognition means a lot to us!

We have to sincerely apologize that the Doorbell is initially launched in the US at the current stage. We are aiming to launch the eufy Security Video Doorbell in UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the Netherlands in September. If it doesn’t show up in the Netherlands within a short time, you will be also able to purchase it in UK. Please be assured that we’ll try our best to forward your expectation to our associated marketing staff and hope they can further accelerate the launching process in the Netherlands . Thanks so much for your patience and valuable time!


Hopefully soon for our European friends

Hopefully with the ability to use it with the existing doorbell power transformer (8v UK 12v rest of Europe)


Any update on when in September?

Is it going to be identical to the American version?

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Any news on this? For Netherlands specifically?

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@AnkerSupport its almost October, any update on availability for Europe?

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@AnkerSupport, really would love this product in the Netherlands…


@AnkerSupport , Can you please tell me the link where to buy the Eufy Video Doorbell in Euro’s !

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It’s october now and still no news from Anker about this issue. Unfortunately i’am now orientating now on other brands. I want a complete safetysystem end of this year.

so now it is almost end of October - and a lot of people are waiting for a release date :slight_smile:
How about a roadmap for your future customers?


Once again Europe gets ignored

Any plans to release in Portugal, or for us to be able to order the products to install in Portugal?

Soooooo…November here we go… still no change on the German Website, no release date, no infos…

Dear Anker Support, please inform if we should start looking at competitor products or if the waiting is still worth it…

Hi everyone, we apologize for the late reply and delay regarding the UK launch of the doorbell. We will be sharing a specific ETA with you all when we get closer to launch.

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Pro Tip: Don’t wait until January 31 - by then any release in the UK is absolutely meaningless for Europeans :slight_smile:

Also the “E” in ETA contradicts your “specific”, Mr. Anker Supporter

It would be good to get an estimation about the availability date in the Netherlands.

Would love a date also for the netherlands or the german/uk amazon i have been promised in a mail for over two months now i dont want a ring i want a eufy gogo

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