Eufy Doorbell Connection Issues

Has anyone encountered any issues with the Eufy doorbell in the cold or troubles with the video?

I live in Canada and the day that the weather went -15 degree celsius I noticed that that video feed stopped working on the app. I would attempt to connect the device and it would say “unable to play live video” but when you pressed the button the chime would still ring.

I’ve tried restarting the device, removed and re-added it, and nothing seems to work. I tried the live chat support which didn’t result in anything but them suggesting that I send them an email.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Has anyone tried it in -20 degrees celsius or even colder climates?


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These are not meant to be used in extreme conditions, but according to the manual only the T8200 is rated down to -20c

“Paper is patient” we say.

I do have the T8200 so it should be able to handle these temperatures. Also, I have a Ring Pro that is rated to operate under -20C as well which is working perfectly fine.

I re-added the device to my Eufy account and I am getting “Cannot connect to the Doorbell.(-3)”. Does anyone know what this error means?

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Their servers were down yesterday so this could be an extension of that. I dont know. and your comparing two different companies products, just because 1 does well doesnt mean the other will. I would reach out to support and see if they can help you.
Here is the direct link for their live chat bot

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@Kevin94 Are you still having issues today? As @Tank mentioned the Eufy team were having server issues yesterday which would have impacted on adding devices into the app and/or general app usage.

If you are still experiencing issues you can use the live chat link already mentioned or contact

Yes I’m still experiencing issues and have an open case via email. I’m waiting on a response that I submitted three days ago

Now the doorbell isn’t connecting to the chimeb and I’ve had people press the button and I could not hear the chime to know that they were outside my front door. When this happens I need to restart the device in order for me to even connect to the device to do a diagnostic and for the chime to work. I tried switching the wifi to a mobile hot spot that is right beside the doorbell but the video still doesn’t work so I’ve concluded that the it is a faulty device.

Has anyone else have similar experiences to this?

I’ve been having the same issues and also currently have an open case. I have been told that an upcoming firmware update will address this.

For what it is worth, I can see the doorbell on my wifi and see that it is connected and receiving data, but can’t pull it up on the app and am having the same issues with the chime.

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