Eufy Doorbell Cold weather issues

My Eufy doorbell does not always work when it is cold outside…works okay when the temp is in the 20’s but not well if it gets in the teens or single digit to below zero Fahrenheit temps. Won’t motion recognize anyone even set on high sensitivity. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Thats an odd one as the models are rated to 0 celcius as a minimum.
Have you contacted support?
You can mail them on and they will normally be back with you within 48 working hours.
I would also send a photo of your full receipt as they may swap it out for you.

Let us know how things work out for you.
All the best.

0 Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit…10 degrees F is -12c so if it is only rated to 0c that sucks big time. We can get to -30c to -40c here in the winters.

I haven’t had issues with mine and it’s been down in the single digits where I’m at. The newest update to the app was nice and is more stable on iOS.