Eufy Doorbell Camera Sound Issue

I recently got the eufy doorbell camera. I installed the unit and everything was working great. After going through all the settings I went outside to give it a test. That’s when I noticed the 2-way audio wasn’t working anymore. I went back through all the settings to see if I hit a button by accident but I have yet to find a fix for this issue.

I’ve tried everything I could think of:

  • Messed with the sound setting in the app
  • Restarted the device
  • Removed the device and re added
  • Checked I had current firmware
  • Checked all permissions were set to allow
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app

And probably a few other things I can’t think of right now. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or did I get a defective camera?


I have the same issue. Is it fixed for you? Thanks.

same issue here, all works perfectly fine but two way audio not. It starts, you can talk but than the audio stops, only when I reboot video channel it works again…any thoughts?

I liaised with Eufy support team and they identified the issue. They told me, last Friday, that the bug will be fixed within a week ;). Another issue is the fact that is not possible to stream the vidéo with Google Assistant on the Chromecast. Hope that everything will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with the new 2k battery Doorbell, I bought: I have updated the firmware, but the problem persists the the audio from the phone does not go to the doorbell. However, the prerecorded messages work OK, so the speaker works…
It is a while, but has your problem been fixed?

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