Eufy Doorbell App Login

Is there any way to stop the app logging me in and out when I switch from iPhone to iPad?

Or at least not requiring me to manually enter my password.

And can my wife operate the camera with her own version of the app, or will she have to use my details, and thus log me out once again?

It’s really annoying and may cause me to return the doorbell.

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At present you can only have a single active session on one device, so if you switch from iPad to iPhone and vice a versa, you will need to log back into the app again. TouchID support I believe is forthcoming but no exact ETA has been mentioned.

You should be able to share access to devices with friends or spouse using the family & guests option in the app. They invited user will need to have the app installed and register an account.

Actually, I’ve just discovered that setting up a second account in a different name on another device and using the Sharing feature allows you to have both open without logging in and out.

So thanks, that works well.

How about a proper iPad app?


This is not even in the plans yet, so don’t know when it’s coming