Eufy doorbell and camera integration to Samsung smart things

Hello,. Any future thoughts on connecting with other third party apps like Samsung smart things? I see many other manufacturers band together to become universal with each other.

BTW, love the eufy doorbell! Works awesome!!


i was switching to Eufy Doorbell and so far love it. I have the same question of integration to Samsung Smartthings.

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Agreed. Imagine being able to do additional things based on what’s happening with your your doorbell or cameras. I envision being able to ring the doorbell to all of my Sonos Speakers around the house. So I’d like to select the chime sounds and volume in the app and not on the remote chimes. Then be able to ring on some or all Sonos or other smart speakers. Also for the cameras, I’d like to have the cameras around my house turn on security lights or soffit lights which are already on Smart Things. Not to mention potentially play a wav file to alert whoever set off the camera that they’re being monitored. When a company tries to limit what they do to try to get you to purchase only their gear they usually end up failing or severely limiting their potential. Eufy can sell thousands of doorbells and cameras now, but with Smartthings integration they’ll open up their sales to millions of cameras and doorbells.


Never gona happen:

Reply from anker support:

"Thank you for writing back.

The eufycam 2 only supports the HomeKit at this stage. The engineering team hasn’t started the developing plan on Smart things and automation yet.

We will consider more technical development and corporation on our devices. And we will make sure the product team recorded our customer’s feedback and inquiry."

Would also love ST integration!

No doubt! Can you imagine if GE outlets and light switches required their own proprietary wiring in the walls instead of working with standard Romex cable, or how about a cell phone company who refused to let you charge its phones from ubiquitous USB jacks?! They wouldn’t last a year!

There is a lot to be said for “going with the flow”. Or, to put it another way, “get on board…before you get run over by the train!”

I am trying really hard to like this company but the more invested I am in Eufy the more limited I feel without the integration of SmartThings. Just feels like my smart home has a big gap that needs to be bridged. I currently have 8 cameras plus doorbell and alarm key pad with 3 door sensors. I really wish I can use all that to trigger automations around my house.

I would also like to see smartthings support

So would I

Please Anker consider adding additional integrations. Adding SmartThings support would make Eufy cameras so much more useful!

I was wondering if i connect my eufy doorbell (and other cameras) to my Samsung TV via my Google Home set up? I guess i would need a chrome cast dongle for the TV.

Or perhaps i could replace the google home minim with a Apple Homekit as the Samsung Tv seems to work with screen mirroring from my iPhone.

Any thoughts?

+1 for Smart things OR Samsung Taizen Support. i have Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and i want to see my doorbell or eufy camera events on my family hub. just like they have support for Ring or Nest.