EUFY Doorbell 2k ALWAYS in Night mode

I just bought the EUFY 2K Wireless Doorbell and i have an issue where if i turn the “Auto Night Vision” mode on, it is ALWAYS in nightmode, even in the day time.

Right now there is full sunlight and the doorbell is still in night vision.

Any ideas what the cause could be?


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Hi @bun2,

Did the issue happen from the very beginning or did it happen after you have been using it for few days? :thinking:
Please try to reset Doorbell first. If the problem persists, please contact eufy service team at They will get back to you within 24 hours and will be able to help you step by step to resolve the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Hi, it has happened from the first time i bought it. I will reset it and try again.

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Hi, even we recently purchased it and getting the same thing. All the time night mode is ON even with great brightness outside.

Kindly suggest how to change this?

Or instead of AUTO, is there any setting to change from night 9:00PM to morning 6:00AM. In this case, it is much helpful for us.

same here!

I have the same issue where the auto night mode keeps night vision on all day and night. It would be great to have a dusk/dawn or other time of day option for night mode. The door bells are usually mounted at a front door where there’s typically some kind of shade covering the area, and I believe that’s what’s tricking the light sensor on the doorbell.