Eufy discounts USA only

They are on Amazon no code needed


That home vac is a decent price, if I didn’t already have 3 vacuums I would get it.

Why you did you buy so many vacuums…:joy:

I honestly only brought 1, but we had 2 Dyson vacuums given to us. One of them my aunt couldn’t figure out how to use and said it was too complicated and the other one we received because my grandmother said it was too loud for her…it was actually just clogged up but she didn’t want it back so I cleaned it out and use it for the downstairs. So 1 is for the living room, 1 is for the upstairs bedrooms and I have 1 for the stairs since it’s lightweight and can easily be moved around

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Weird, I just let spiders eat the dust and then capture and release them.