Eufy Discounts (Up to 42%) US Only

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Rules: US only. Starts February 12nd, 2018, 00:00 PST, ends February 15th, 2018, 23:59 PST. Discount quantity is limited. First come, first served. For any issue related to the promotion, please contact directly. Eufy reserves the right of final explanation.


Click the picture and give your family some best gifts.:kissing_closed_eyes:


So tempting!!! I still don’t own any smart devices, not counting my iPhone.

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You don’t need a smart device when your smart yourself :wink:

But yes I want all of them, if only I had money to buy then. Maybe once we move I can deck the house in everything smart


I received the email this morning, and wanted to buy the Eufy Genie - only to find its US only. Looking forward to similar deal for UK pleeease :slight_smile:

We have very limited Eufy range in the UK. I too would like all of these products. I love smart tech :grin:


Such a tempting sale. I almost jumped on that smart bulb 2-pack until I realized it was only for the non-tunable version where you can’t select the brightness. The tag line “Set The Perfect Brightness” is misleading in that case.

It’s not really misleading as the bulbs are dimmable so you can set the brightness to your liking

Never heard of some of these products!!

Been around a while now in the US. The bulbs have had their passport to the UK too

There are two variants of these smart bulbs. The dimmable feature is only supported by the “tunable” bulbs, which these are not.

I love these deals! :heart_eyes:

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Haven’t noticed significant difference between the smart plug and smart plug mini to justify the price difference

I know there are two version but you seem to be missing this point:
Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb - White, Soft White (2700K), 60W Equivalent, Works With Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Dimmable LED Bulb, 9W, A19, E26, 800 Lumens

Comfortable Lighting: Use the EufyHome app to dim or brighten to your ideal illumination.

What is the difference between Lumos White and Lumos tunable? The full name of “Lumos Tunable” is “Lumos Tunable White”. Besides being able to dim the brightness level, Lumos Tunable bulbs can also adjust the color temperature of the bulbs from warm white to cool white.


So the bulbs depicted above can change the brightness but not the white balance? That honestly seems like the more useful adjustment to me - I might have to jump on that deal…

Hopefully they will land to uk soon! Especially the sockets!

I’m finally getting some of these deal emails. Great prices on these products. Sadly I don’t need any of them at this time.


Eufy Canada discounts please. Pretty please!

Nice deals!