Eufy deal not the common stuff

Hi Anker family,

I found this deal, I was not even aware that Eufy had this kind of lights.


Mhhh… :thinking: … i doubt this is REAL EUFY PRODUCT!

Makes no sense. Don’t fit in the eufy cosmos and never seen it before. I guess there is someone just using the name eufy to get more hits and sell more of this item. Probably just a little noname chinese who seels “crapware” under the name of another brand and at the end this may happen:

But correct me if i am wrong @AnkerOfficial

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Ooops … sorry, i need to correct myself!


I order one just to test it. I need to stop spending money on stuff I don’t need



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Yes this is real Eufy stuff (called string ights). This has been around for a while.
I have this and this is really cool to display during holidays.

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Check my review of the item


Thanks for sharing, I will pass.

Have seen deals for these at $5.99 so can wait to get more discounts… lights not needed until Oct / Nov / Dec this year for me…


Interesting for sure. Don’t think I need any though (luckily)

Would be useful to create a real halo!

Too relatable I see it and I’m like oooooo pretty I need it

Looks like a nice little gift for your SO

I’m gonna get this and make a light table for my wife… Eventually I will anyway

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I used this kind of “light” to construct the following for my mom at xmas:

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Mmm it’s interesting. I also would’ve never thought Eufy sold this