Eufy cameras and App in different countries ?

Hi all, is it possible to install cameras in Ukraine but watch what they record using the app in Germany and Russia?

Or even more complicated: to have several cameras in Ukraine, several in Germany and watch all of them from one app being in Germany or elsewhere in the world?

Does it require any additional installation rules/steps?

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Ask there (more specialists)

@Nat25 the cameras can be placed anywhere in the world for viewing as long as they are within range of a Homebase (depending on model of camera) with an active internet connection. For viewing or live playback on the app, again a active internet or data connection is required on your device where the app is installed (phone or tablet).

So in your scenario;

Ukraine - single Homebase connected to the Internet, add to the app. Add up to 16 cameras to the Homebase you have added (cameras need to be in a suitable range). Name appropriately for easy reference.
Germany - same setup as above.