Eufy Camera WIFI setup Issue

So frustrated. Had one of my original cameras go bad with a foggy video which I guess is common. Eufy replaced it pretty quickly and that camera would not connect to live video. Eufy support told me to send it back, which I did then sent me another replacement. I am having the same issue.

It adds perfectly fine and goes though initializing. It than takes me to the next couple of screens telling me to charge and how to mount. It ends on the page that tests the video but I get an error message that says

“The current location doesn’t have a Wi-Fi signal. Please take the camera closer to your HomeBase”

Well, I am right next to it so that is not the issue. My other camera connected to the home base works fine so I am going to assume it is a configuration issue as I would hope I wouldn’t get two lemons in a row. Here is what I have tried.

Rebooted homebased sevral times.
Rebooted and reset camera several times
removed and re-added camera several times
Made sure I was on my 2.4ghz on my phone when sing app
Checked firmware on everything which is all up to date.

What else can I try? I get zero live video and it won’t detect motion. It says connected but it just won’t do anything. I am getting very frustrated at this point.

Any help is greatly appreciated while I wait until Monday to hopefully hear from support.

Hi @Home893 have you tried to complete the camera addition from a different device and/or restart the app on your phone?

Yes. I have tried everything. They are sending me a third replacement. I am not happy. I really think it is a setup issues that can be fixed but they say no. That tells me quality control issues on builds is creeping in. Wonder if they changed production locations.

Thank you for reaching out!

Have you upgraded the Homebase to V2.0.8.9h yet?

If the issue still persists, please simply reply to the email and we will forwarded this case to our engineering team.

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

I am running everything with the latest firmware. I am now having another problem where I can’t log into the app. Gives me a Request Failed: Bad Gateway 502 (or 503). Getting very frustrated with how much I have spent with cameras’ doorbells and floodlights.

The 503 message says service unavailable. That is pretty scary for a security app!

Very unimpressed with eufy to be honest.

I have used many cameras even $20 dollar ones, never seen a crappy system like this. Ridiculous :frowning:

I am now on my 3rd replacement and exact same issue. I add it through homebase and it gets to the test signal page and it cannot find wifi. Doesn;t matter if I am 5 inches from homebase or 50 feet. I am really pissed now as this has been going on for months. Another email sent to support as the replacements always arrive after they shut down for the day. And this replacement took weeks to get to me…SMH. I my need to switch companies and I;ve dropped so much money on their products… I will need to revise my reviews. UGH…

Sucks you are having such a bad experience

I’m having the same exact issue with the eufyCam 2 pro that I just got. I’ve tried everything you have too. Have you found a solve for this @Home893? @AnkerSupport? Please help. :weary:

I have same issue. I think it’s safe to say that eufy has moved away from supporting their products and making them better. Now they are just churning out anything they think will sell fast and as soon as it slows they come out with something different. My two doorbells, 2 door locks, and two cameras are going on eBay tomorrow. Need to find a company that excels in all 3.