Eufy Camera Problems - Detection, battery life and status (dying), app alerts, trailing in corners, and packet traffic

A few issues I’ve had since installing the cameras:

Packet traffic - Ever since installing the Eufy base I’ve noticed a decrease in performance on my network. My main router is on the upper floor (too far away to connect easily) and I have a separate, upper range ($ wise) router on the main floor that I use as a repeater. Since the base has been installed on the repeater, I’ve had constant issues with that network. I have yet to log the traffic, but it is something I intend to do this weekend. I’m also planning on putting this on another router to isolate it. Was curious if anyone else had similar issues.

Detection - Just from browsing, this has been mentioned a few times in the forum. I also have a problem with it. There are periods where the camera will record a false event (rain drops), but there are also times it will fail to record critical events. For example, I had USPS drop off some of my packages in the street a couple of weeks ago. They apparently parked their truck, dropped off my packages and then left. The camera didn’t catch any of it. In the app I could see the before and after clearly, but nothing in between. This has happened several times, with motion sensitivity maxed out.

Battery life - When my cameras showed up, I was intrigued that one camera had a battery about 1/4 full and the other camera was completely charged. I ended up topping off both before installing, but it seems like the one camera was never accurately reporting battery status correctly, as it died last night. Upon plugging it in to charge, it showed a full charge immediately.

Dead camera! - My biggest concern with the battery status is the fact that neither the app nor homebase alerted me that my camera battery was dead, and no data had been collected for the past twelve hours. This is a HUGE issue considering this is a security device. This needs to be addressed immediately by the Eufy team. Does it alert if the camera battery status is functioning normally?

App - I’m using the Android app, and I know there has been some talk about the alert system performing… terribly. But why is it that even if I tell the app not to alert me, my phone still vibrates?! Eufy Cam: Rain drop detected. Android app: ALERT MASTER. Me: It’s 3AM, STOP VIBRATING!

This brings up an idea I’ve not seen addressed though. Why not give different alert level priorities depending on the event. i.e., if the camera sees motion at 2AM, I don’t care, leave me alone. If, however the camera detects a face at 2AM on my front porch, SCREAM at me until I wake up.

Corner motions - I’ve noticed significant image drop off for motions around the edges of the camera visibility areas. So much so that it doesn’t register as motion, but when I live view, I can see motion blur around the edges.

I noticed this last night when I heard noise in my back yard but no alert. I live streamed and saw motion on the edges that ended up being someone dumping trash behind my house. The Eufy cam was blissfully unaware even though the motion registered in live view (The camera might not record if I’m in live view and there is motion, but there had already been motion that wasn’t recorded).

This is interesting. Can you send us the model number of this repeater?

This is odd. Is the cam fairly high up?

Send our support team an email when it comes to this -!

Thanks for this suggestion. Forwarded!

Lol! We are working on getting the alerts in order. Stay tuned for a future software update.

Good suggestion! Forwarded.

We’ll look into this a bit deeper. Can you post this video?

This is interesting. Can you send us the model number of this repeater?

It isn’t actually a repeater, it is a router in repeater mode. The model is Asus RT-AC66U.

This is odd. Is the cam fairly high up?

It’s about ten feet above the point the packages were.

We’ll look into this a bit deeper. Can you post this video?

I don’t actually have the video as I was live viewing. It didn’t record because the camera didn’t recognize it as motion, but I was curious so I looked in live mode. It might have been a combination of the location and being in night mode. The movement was just a blur on the bottom right corner that moved up slowly, as though a person walking.

Okay, much appreciated. We’ll look into this a bit further and forward this info to our engineers.