Eufy Camera Notification Improvements

My outdoor eufy cams often are trigger false alerts when it rains or snows, even with an overhang covering them. In addition, the same eufy cams and the wireless doorbell cam are often trigger overly repetitive alerts, when the kids are playing outside or I’m doing yardwork. I’ve tried configuring the notification settings and intervals so many times but there’s just no good config to prevent this.

Any ideas? I see the eufy doorbell is beta testing a notification setting to try limiting repetitive notifications but it doesn’t work very well. Does eufy intent to address or improve upon this in future firmware updates or products?

Hi @Justmarbz1 have you tried adjusting the motion detection sensitivity for the cameras effected?

I will try to tweak that a bit more but don’t want to under-do sensitivity as I use two cameras primarily to watch my children play outside. If Eufy could add additional recognition features (perhaps face) then they could add additional options to avoid multiple notification based on a user determine interval per specific individual. Such as notify me every 30 minutes If that person is still within the camera’s view.

Thanks, I’ll try lower sensitivity for now and report back how it goes.

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