Eufy camera is offline: how do I turn it back on again?

App shows “Camera is turned off” and “Camera is offline”. I don’t see any way to turn it back on. There’s a help notification which says this.

Camera has been manually turned off. If you want to turn it on, please go to the camera settings to enable the “Camera On/Off”.

I can’t find that setting anywhere.


Yeah that’s the setting which doesn’t actually appear. There’s the name of the camera, and then there’s “Device Info” underneath that, and nothing about turning it on and off.

What app version do you have?

It’s 1.1.0_68(EU).

If this is the case, it should be showing up.

If you go to ‘My devices’ and click on one of the cameras ( as opposed to the homebase), the option should show up right above ‘night vision’.

When I go to My Devices and click on the camera, this is what I get.

Try removing the camera and re-pair!

I logged out of the app, logged in again, removed the camera, added it again, and all was well.

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I have similar problem now. I have to remove the camera plug it in and then it turned on… And only then connected to the app.

It now happened 3rd time. The camera is now off and iam expecting I have to use the permanent electrical solution. But what’s the point.

Make sure your firmware is updated. Restart the homebase that may resolve some issues

@all: This problem occurs regularly! No panic.
Sure, it’s sad that the firmware still have those bugs, but it is at is is.
In my case with a dozen cams this appears like every month once or twice. Annoying.

If a camera goes offline without any reason and without you turning it off before, just wait till its back online sometime later (if you got time).

Else: Don’t follow the instruction from @AnkerSupport as it is not necessary to remove and re-add the cam and needs more work and wasting more time than doing this:

  1. Unplug the Homebase till the sound appears: “Homebase is now opperating on backup battery”
  2. Press the little round button at the backside of the homebase short and once.
  3. The Homebase is now OFFLINE and turned off.
  4. Wait some seconds and plug in the power again.

Thats it. After the homebase restarted all cams are available and online again!
(…without the need to remove the cam(s) from the homebase and laboriously re-adding them)