Eufy camera doorbell wireless

I bought a wireless doorbell in December and today no power to the camera and does not show online. I tryed to resync nothing. So I came hear to learn that this is a know issue so hopefully anker can find out what going here. They are shipping me a new one but if they issue 8s in all thier products the outcome will be the same. Thats a $249.00 gamble

Is it the battery powered doorbell or a wired doorbell? If it’s wired then make sure your transformer is sufficient to power it and if it isn’t then you will run nto the same problem unless you change it

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Battery powered

So did you make sure to charge the Battery? They do go dead and the more motion and recordings it does the faster the battery will die.

Yes the battery was ay 68 % percent the day before .then no response from the camera the next day. I just received the replacement camera and will follow up with a update

I hope the new camera works much better. Good luck :+1:

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So far so good Anker was fast to get me a new one and returning the defective one will keep you posted