Eufy camera detection/recording time too long?

Hello all,
I like the Eufy system (2 camera/base station) pretty much so far, though I have’t had it a full month yet. My one issue so far is the reaction time before recording actually takes place. I’m sure I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t sort it out. Hence, here I am looking for a possible solution.

The camera in question is mounted on my front porch, looking down. It covers the steps leading up to the porch, and the front door, plus a partial on the driveway. Anyway, by the time the recording starts, the camera only captures the back of the mail carrier. His approach up the steps (though he approaches at 90 degrees to the top step, from the lawn) is missed completely. Oddly, a returning car coming down the driveway is captured before passing out of view. Similarly a car leaving is captured at the mouth of the driveway. I’ve set the beta zone coverage to cover the steps and that 90 degree approach the mail carrier uses, but still only the carrier’s back is shown, and typically when turning to the left to leave after delivering the mail. Where the camera is mounted gives it a very good look-down view, and I’ve thought to relocate it a bit lower. I’m not sure lowering it will do anything to improve/decrease the time before recording begins. The mail carrier must be inside some minimum detection to trigger a recording. anyone?
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Hi @Flyby

You can find some answers by searching the forum for “motion detection”. There are lots of considerations, some of which have been addressed in previous discussions.

If you want to go more direct, you can contact Eufy directly at, and they will definitely help you out.

Here are a few that discuss motion detection, mounting, placement, settings, etc…

Good luck!

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thank you Ichthus. I’ll check out those links for sure.
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I haven’t had any trouble with mine, so I must’ve gotten lucky with placement, but as I understand it, the angle is important for getting any range on the PIR sensor, and then you adjust the sensitivity to the need.

Let us know if you make any progress.

Hi @ichthus14 sounds like you’ve got lucky indeed. I’ve raised issues with the techsupport for issues. Issues that they haven’t even tested for. From my perspective, insufficient testing is being carried out before software releases. I notified them of the wifi/Ethernet issue, pin pointed the issue. That issue should have been picked up in UAT (User Acceptance Testing), providing they have proper Use Cases. Again, there is another “bug” if we want to call them that in the latest release. Again personally, it’s something simple that should have been picked up as it is so obvious. Given the cost of the cameras and promoted as some what of a premium product over other brands I would expect better testing of software before release. This is just my two cents worth, well my $2200 AUD worth to multiple issues & limited resolution.

@Ads_Eufy I guess I am lucky. I have cameras mounted above my front door and in my garage, and they seem to trigger exactly as expected. (They are both original EufyCams from the Kickstarter shipment.) After initial setup, I have not had to adjust the positioning or sensitivity since. Very occasionally, I will get a late trigger (like someone standing at my door when it starts recording), but usually I can see them approach from about 10-12 feet away.

Sorry your system has been so uncooperative. Have you had any luck working with support directly?

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@ichthus14 that’s great to hear you’ve had no issues. I purchased my two sets from stores. I was able to identify a few issues with the software & been discussing with the support team. I believe one issue with the software has been rolled out & asked the engineers to look at the software code of the cameras for a few other issues that have popped up. I’m not sure if the software versions are different for different countries. I haven’t asked that specific question.