[eufy cam video] Aggro-Bee attacking original eufy cam! ;-)

Hey eufyanics! :wave:

Stimulated and inspired by …

… i wanna show you how attractive an original eufy cam is for aggro killerbee’s! :bee:

This bee felt in love with one of my eufy cams at my roof terrace (which you can see above) and needed, no joke, more than six headache provoking impacts on my eufy cam lense before she,he or it, checked that the eufy cam lense IS NOT a hole or bee-runway :joy:

But don’t be worried, after several weeks of coma at the bee-general-hospital she is already released and on it’s way of improvement :head_bandage:

Here you go - have fun!

:information_source: (you just need to watch the first 20 out of the 120 seconds)


Ha! I like these videos of wildlife from the eufycams :blush:.

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Nice capture @yamyam :slight_smile:

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Share future videos like this one :thumbsup:

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Sorry i can’t … at least with this killerbee :bee:

I have saved her face into the “familiar faces” A.I. sector of my homebase, so if she comes by next time, my smart eufy cam will recognize her and not save any video :smile:

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That bee looked determined! Glad he made a full recovery!

Thanks for sharing @yamyam

thanks for sharing!

… i wouldn’t wonder if this bee would sue eufy for damages :laughing:

another :honeybee: fell in :revolving_hearts: with the eufy cam

After the aggro-killer-bee in the first video above (first post), her sister came along and fell in love with one of my other eufy cams :rofl:


No kidding … she landed perfectly and straight onto the lense and was sitting there for several minutes … sunbathing and chilling directly on the lense, which she uses for sure to check herself and do some cleaning and dressing up job … :laughing: … but see the video yourself:


Too bad the macro mode of the eufy cam isn’t very existant … this video could be a perfect stufy of a bee for every biology student :wink: She was sitting soooo long on the cams lense, that i even had time to dress up, walk some floors to the top and make some pics of her at the roof:

So to be honest to all of you … give a :poop: on a eufy cam range extender or eufy cam solar panel or working eufy cam acitivity / motion zones! … what we really need, is a

spring gun for bee’s! :yum:

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LOL … eufy need to stop making them soooo sweeeett… :rofl: it’s hard to keep off the bees

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I guess a full antireflection of the lense would help more!
They fly by … fell in love with their own reflection and then feel at home at the lense :rofl:

Worst case scenario:
Guess what will happen if a thief or bad guy would know that!? :scream:
Before braking into the house he would place a beehive near the cams one hours before and then he could be sure no cam will record him as the cams are covered with bees! :laughing:

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Wow, love your imagination bro :rofl:

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