Eufy Cam T8111 replacement battery

I’ve used this camera for about 2 years now and it won’t take a charge anymore. The batteries are encased in a white cartridge with brush terminals on top to touch a circuit board that works the camera. Is there a replacement battery pack available or do I need to replace the entire camera for $100+

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You might ask the support.
But if you or a friend of yours have some DIY skills you can swap these.
No problem the batteries mounted there are quite normal ones.

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Hi @Home43 the batteries are not user replaceable due to the nature of the camera.

As mentioned by @Chiquinho you could reach out to to see if they offer any further suggestions or as you are outside of the warranty period you could source the batteries yourself from online electronic stores and try a DIY repair.

I’m going to contact them…
The housing has one access point and you literally have to pry it off. The batteries are set in a white epoxy so replacing the batteries will destroy everything…

You dont need such such a housing,
Try to get the whole thing disassembled and connect replacement batteries the same way.
You you tape the set instead of the plastic case.
Of course you need some skills to create such a replacement set. :smiley:
I hope you will get a satisfying answer from EUFY.

IMG_1762 IMG_1766 IMG_1765

Well the tear down begins…
Inside contains 4 LG 3350mah batteries, after testing with a multimeter 1 of the 4 batteries is bad. Now comes replacing the batteries without ruining the circuit board…lol

Edit: 2 of the 4 batteries are bad, not just one

Try it!
I am sure you can do it! :laughing:

Well if you do try to do a replacement , I will say safety first. Wear goggles or such protection.

Agree that electrical tape or similar tape can be a benefit for the repair if done.

I would say just a precaution on the first recharge to not to do it in the house but away from others in case there was an issue with the circuit board and it is not stopping it from over charging.

It’s not pretty, but I replaced the batteries and wrapped it with electrical tape. Now the problem I have is the electronics do not recognize the battery percentage. I think I made the mistake of building this with fully charged batteries…idk
So for the past few days I ran the camera at max sensitivity and the longest recording intervals so I can drain the batteries until the camera stopped working. I then plugged it in to a usb cord to recharge it and the little meter shows the batteries are charging, but I get no battery percentage shown. I just get a " - " symbol.
I may take this apart again and reassemble it with discharged batteries to see if maybe the pcb needs a dead battery to start with or maybe I had a bad connection somewhere.

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I finally got it working!
The tolerances are so tight with this camera, the electrical tape held the battery pack far enough away from the connectors to allow it to power up but not close enough for all the terminals to connect to the battery pack. I rewrapped the battery pack and now everything is working great.
I will also want to mention once inside of the camera, the white plastic is brittle so do not over tighten the screws or the plastic will strip or break.


Really great ! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Congrats and well done!

update note, the Eufy cam 2 pro is much easier to work with and take apart Vs the original!!!