Eufy cam sync issue (or info re tech support)

  1. Just wondering if there is tech support for Australian customers this week? From my searches, it seems support is closed but that seems unusual as that would mean we are unable to seek help whereas US support seems to be open.

  2. We have a Eufy cam (box says model TB111 but item states TB114) that just won’t sync despite having the updated firmware, resetting etc. Homebase is Region A but the camera doesn’t identify its region. It’s also the 2nd item as we’ve already exchanged the product only to have the same issue.

Thanks in advance if anyone has had similar issues or can point me to support for Australian customers.

Update. The camera we bought to expand our original system only works with homebase 2.

We know this as we bought homebase 2 today and thought we’d test this theory.

Lucky for us. Not for others wanting to extend Homebase I guess.

Firmware is on Homebase but on Homebase 2.

I’ll ask Aussie support for some more info when they call back and post an update here in case others find it useful.