Eufy Cam shows dead battery without warning

I have 3 Eufy Cameras with all the latest firmware. My deck and backyard camera has minimal detection and can probably last more than 365 days. My front camera has movement of course and is currently less than half battery life.

Out of no where, my backyard camera is completely dead. No warning, nothing. Since there is very little detection, it wasn’t recording anything.

We do have a heat wave. But what could have caused the cameras battery to die suddenly? Or is this an app issue?

This issue happened prior to me updating the firmware to 1.9.2. and when updated to the latest, it still has this issue.

Seems like Eufy is having a bunch of issues lately

So I got home and checked. Even though it says battery was dead and I can’t view live view, camera was still recording and giving me notifications of movement.

I brought it inside to charge and the app says that the camera is fully charged but when I unplug it, it’s back to saying it’s dead. I did get a notification about operating temps but the camera isn’t hot at all and it’s currently 82 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity and at night.

If temp was an issue, it should have affected all 3 cameras.

This issue happened prior to updating the firmware and issue is still there even with the latest firmware. I also removed the camera and re-synced the camera. I even restarted the home base and still nothing.

Weird problem … can’t even tell what the problem could be. We had a lot of broken lenses in the past or malfunctions of sensors and other stuff like horrible range. But not yet a battery problem. :thinking:

Heat shouldn’t be a problem as the cam just stops working/charging when over a limit but returns to normal operation after temperature is back to a normal range. Same on cold temperatures. So i guess as long as you do not melt the battery it should be fine.

I would recommend to send this issue to and tell us the result then here.

Nono … everything is fine. So much fine and they are so much bored because of nothing to do, that they even got time to implement a really cool and very helpful watermark into all videos:

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I also emailed them. It’s the weekend so I don’t know if they will respond.

I charged the camera overnight and it kept showing the camera was charging. Unplugged it and it still shows that the battery is dead. I may have a dead camera?

I will wait for their response and see what they say. Hopefully it is soon.

They responded and said it’s definitely odd and not normal. They provided a pre-paid shipping label. So I guess I ship it back and they’ll send me a new one once they receive it.

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@iazybandit Nice to read that they found a solution for you and you will get a replacement cam! The support is very good when it comes to failure cams and replacing them. I already had two which needed to be replaced (broken lense and some malfunctional infrared sensor). But this is several months ago, since then no more cam-failures … knock on wood! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good update!

Hello!@iazybandit At the current stage, a fully charged camera can last for almost one year in the most common usage scenarios, but the specific battery duration may be influenced by various factors such as the number of times motion is detected, recording time duration, and environmental temperatures (the heat wave might be a potential reason). We’ll try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team and hope they can find better ways to prolong the battery span in the future! Thank you!

I have the same issue, after charging the camera’s battery seems dead, not working anymore.
What to do? Go back to the vendor i bought it from? I really need this cam to be replaces asap.

Contact Anker. If you bought it less than a year ago, you’re under warranty.

@iazybandit i have exactly the same problem, going through warranty, waiting for the stock to be made available here in UK.

have you tried viewing the camera while cable is disconnected from motion dectection > activity zone ?