Eufy Cam recognizes my Maine Coon cat as human!

is here any devoloper who can update eufy software?
I have Maine Coon cats, if they sit and look into the camera, Eufy Cam alerts human alarm.
Can you add Maine Coon cat Fotos to the database so that Eufy Cam recognize Maine Coon Cats as Cats and not human?

Another recommandation: I need an option to add fotos of my cats and the cam should recognize them with names. I have in front of my Garden a way where sometimes Cats from neigbours walk, I want only that my eufy recognizes my cat and gives me alert if my cat comes home.

You should open a thread at EUFY forum as well

If you are serious, I would say for you to call their service department with those questions.

If sarcasm, no animal recognition software on it. You may want up your motion detection sensitivity if it happens during the day. Also if this is at night the camera switches to all motion as human detection is harder to detect at nigjt.

Im new in eufy so I thought here is Eufy support wher we user can get help!
Eufy says it can recognize animal and human thats why I bought eufy cams!!!

Ask the support and/or move to

This is not the support, we are users, but are willing to help if we can. :grin:

ah I see, thanks