Eufy Cam Plus cameras screeching

My new Cam Plus cameras have a loud screeching sound when playing through my phone, when they aren’t screeching they sound like they are under water. Tried reconnecting, turning audio off, have latest versions, turning phone volume down and moving camera, nothing works.

Make sure it has the latest update. One last thing I would do is to reset the cameras and set them up again. If that doesn’t work reach out to support for further help

I have had mine for about a week now. I did notice a few sounds and for a few minutes I was lucky that my field of view was where it was at. I deduced that some of the sound was cars driving by my house.

Just some thoughts as I think you said both are doing it?

How far is the cameras from the homebase?
Does it do it when you bring it back into the house?
Have you tried to re sync the cameras with the homebase or restart the whole system?