EUFY Cam Notifications - Someone was spotted

Does anyone else get the notification saying “Someone has been spotted” for every recording, even when it is just vegetation blowing in the wind, (ie a false alarm)?
This has been the case since the App update late last year. Before that, I only got a notification when it actually picked up a person and didn’t notify me when it was a false alarm.
I can’t find any settings anywhere for this… Is this a bug in the latest app version?
I’m running app Version 1.1.1
Camera Version 1.7.1
Homebase version

Must be me then…

hey mate I am getting the same! I have a dwarf palm tree in front of my doorstep. Every time it moves, I get a false notification! also the camera does not recognise me nor my partner, despite the fact that we put several pictures of ourselves! Moreover, I have 2 dogs and everytime they make a move, I also get a notification! this is making us very annoyed actually. not to mention draining my cameras, phone and fitibit batteries very quickly due to being bombarded with notifications all day and night!

Yes having same issue. Events seems pretty good at identifying a person or not. But even with smart detection switches on I get a notification posted for every movement, car or dog, and not just those flagged as containing a person.