Eufy Cam not recording clips until up close

New Eufy user here.
We have the Eufy 2C Cam and have set it up and pretty impressed so far.
We are finding a few things that need adjusting and playing around with, when motion is detected and we view the clips you only catch the person more than half way down our drive before they go out of sight around the corner, is there a way to adjust this?
We have the detection activity zone set up and it’s right upto our gate so I would have assumed as soon as anyone steps foot into the gate it would start receding from that point?
Am I missing something?

Hmm maybe it could be fixed with an update

This is a common problem that is often discussed here. My 2C is watching my front porch but it only recorded approaching people over the last few feet. I found a workaround that solved it for me. I mounted a Eufy motion sensor ($30) outside the camera’s field of view so the sensor is triggered by anyone walking toward the camera. I then used the automation feature in the app to have the sensor turn on the camera before the person enters its field of view. I now get a full recording of people approaching my porch.