Eufy cam homebase T8001 not powering up

I have just recieved my 2 camera eufy cam(not cam e) package.
The homebase seems to not be charging at all. The light indicator does not turn red or white.

I have tried the following:

  1. switch uk charger plug module to eu and use adapter case the module is bad.
  2. re add the module to charger case leads not making contact.
  3. leave on confirmed working power socket with either eu or uk plug for more than 5 mins in case battery needs to charge first.

No luck.

Can anyone advise on this please before i ship back as defective? (Purchased via amazon)

Any input most welcome.

Kind regards,

@nikatsam not clear from the details provided.

  • Were you able to use the wall plug in your electrical outlet? does it fit with no issues?
  • The other end of the charging cable (pin) plugged into your homebase?
  • Still no red/white solid or blinking light on front of the homebase?

Let us know so we can help. Hope you didn’t receive a defective homebase.

Thanks for trying to help out.

The Eufy Cam (eu/uk) model apparently ships with 2 adapters for a power outlet(wall socket).
I have tried both(a)the uk one normally and b) the eu with a uk adapter) and yeah other end obviously plugged in to the homebase.

The homebase just didnt power up unfortunately.

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Sorry to hear that!
Have you tried in different outlet also? just to be sure it’s not the outlet itself.

I think it may a defective item, I don’t see any other way to troubleshoot so the next step is to contact they will be glad to help you out.

Good luck :+1:

Hello! @nikatsam Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the HomeBase. Could you please check whether the light indicator besides the Ethernet cable port at the back of HomeBase is on (a small light in green or yellow)? If yes, please try some other outlets. If also no, please contact Our staff will make a further checking on your devices. Thanks so much for your valuable time.