Eufy Cam E SD Card Format

So I bought this 3 security camera system and was setting it up. All was good until I clicked the as card and popped it out. I popped it back in and now I have an error on my eufy app saying to format as card or repair it. I don’t know what to do. I have clicked format card and nothing works. I click repair card and it spins forever waiting for something to happen. I close the app and clear it as it’s an open app from my iPhone. It’s not recording I don’t think and if it is I can’t view any of the videos through the app now!! Can someone tell me in simple dumby not techy terms how I can fix this. I have no clue wth I’m doing lol. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Hi @Kandjbealmer , firstly remove the card and make sure the contacts are clean.

Put the card back into the Homebase, open the app and go into the settings menu using the cog symbol next to the Homebase in question. Select local storage (you should see some stats of how many clips, days etc you have been protected), you can then choose to either repair or format.

If a repair or format fail to resolve, its likely a dud card.

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not necessarily, I tried to format my new 128g sd card I bought. The home base formats it to 100% but it wont initialise??