Eufy Cam E - R A N G E?

I purchased this 2 camera + homebase system for my house. I want to place a camera at my exterior gate - approx 300 feet from the router / homebase location. I do not know the system’s range but I suspect I would need a bridge or bridges to span the Wifi gap. I called customer service and got an unsatisfactory “I’m not sure…I don’t think that there is any bridge that would work” response. Hoping to get a more concrete response here… Thanks

Assuming it’s the same kind of range as the EufyCam, no, you’re not going to get that kind of range. Range seems to be about 50-60 feet for most people, but even with the EufyCam-specific range extender that’s supposed to be coming, I kind of doubt you’re going to get that kind of range.

It is well known, that the range of the eufycam is quite HORRIBLE!
We have discussed and mentioned this at kickstarter for months.

There had been an update which helped a lil bit, but the range still sucks for most of us.

In my personal case, the max range i can get is joking 12 meters (39 feet) with just one wall in between and therefore i also had to move the homebase several rooms to the KITCHEN!, a location where it normaly doesnt planed to be, and also needed to buy a wifi range extender to get the homebase online there! I even had to buy a special “wall bracket” to get the homebase at a higher and best possible location to get my several cams online at all! See here:

300 feet?! (91 meters) Are you nuts?! sorry … lol … not with eufy cam to eufy homebase, no way … maybe when you live at the north pole, without any other people, networks, walls, interferences and with direct visual contact to the homebase. Maybe … but not in a real life situation, sorry.

Beside the fact that eufy cam uses its own wifi for security reasons and you just can’t use a regular wifi range extender at all, thats the reason why we all wait for the EUFY CAM RANGE EXTENDER so bad and since 4 months already. Actually it is planed to be released in April-May 2019 , which means probably end of 2019 :wink: This will be the only way to EXTEND the range of eufy cams to then hopefully useful ranges for everyone!

I just hope eufy will offer this range extender for free to the backers as compensation for the horrible range or at least for a very fair price, which is not made to made money out of it, as it is not customers fault that the range of the eufy cam is often unacceptable.

Remember: In the kickstarter campaign there was a much wider range promised and in my case i invested already about 1500 € (1700 USD) in eufycams and it would be nice if they would finally have a useful real life scenario range then, if need be with the range extenders. (which brings unnecessary additional electricity costs)

Don’t get me wrong. The eufy cams and homebase and app are great and have a lot of potential, and i love em, but they are far away from beeing perfect, especially the ranges. But eufy is still doing its best and hopefully keep on bringing updates, improvements and fixes.

Addition: As you have mentioned eufycam E in the topic, i would like to say that my above explained experiences are made with the regular eufycam and eufy homebase. Don’t know if there is a difference between E and NON-E when it comes to the range.



@thefeldsher 300ft may be in the books/lab or ideal case where nothing else obstructing the signal in line of sight. None of the users confirmed this range so far, yes there are differences in the range depending signal interference and obstructions, but 300 ft is definitely questionable. It may get better with upcoming range extenders, but yet to see the numbers.

As you have already purchased the system, why not give it a try? may be in your case 300 ft even work?? :thinking: :grin:

I live in a split level house, the homebase is in the middle of the house, I have a camera @ the front door, one at the garage (both display full wifi signal) and I recently purchased an E camera and mounted it outside on the fence pointing at the backdoor. wifi on that one is one bar short of full range. I have no complaints about the wifi range on my setup. picture below is from the eufy E.

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Hi @Dad4
Good for you! :thumbsup: Congrats! I am happ for you.

BUT as we all can see, you are living “on the butt of the world”, means: No direct neighbours, detached house, rural region, probably just one ot two wifi’s around, no other interferences, no concrete walls, and so on.

No one will deny that you will have, under these circumstances, best possible ranges. Great!

But if you live in a big city, with about 20-40 wifis around, tons of concrete walls and solid constructions and countless other (radio/mobile phone) networks. You range will shrink like ice in hell :smiling_imp:

I mean i did my best to get the homebase at the best possible location, even if i do not want it to be there, and i still got only about 12 meters range and even then this cam with the most possible range (in my case) is sometimes loosing connection to the homebase and it happens that it is not recording for some hours until it gets connection again. Not really satisfiying as you can imagine.

And as i know form my extensive experiences and talks with others in tha past month, there are plenty of customers having the same issues with the range. Except they live in the countryside or live secluded.

Thats why we had the “suggestion” to optional open the eufy wifi to the regular wifi as it got much more range than the eugyown wifi signal. This would at least help people having the same problems as i got, even if you lose some security.

Edit: Sorry something went wrong, this post is marked as reply to Ice1 instead of dad4 - don’t know how to change this. So sorry ice :wink:

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:sunglasses: cool buddy I see what you are saying :grin:
@Dad4 happy to hear that you are enjoying your eufycam :slight_smile:

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In perfect conditions, with the homebase in line-of-sight, 300 feet is possible. Actual range definitely depends on how many obstacles are in the way. So it’s a case-by-case basis.

WIth the Arlo Pro 2, you can buy a second home base (connected via ethernet to an Orbi satellite closer to those cameras), and that works as “range extender” of sorts. In reality, you just have all your cameras and hubs in your Arlo account, and you can view them all together.

I wonder if you can buy a second Eufy Home Base (or, another camera with Home Base) and do the same thing. The Eufy app looks and appears to work just like the Arlo app. I just ordered my Eufy cameras, and they will be at opposite sides of a moderately large house.

No, i doubt it. This would presuppose technical, that every homebase would have a range extender “feature” included to build something like an own wifi mesh-network. Beside this, a homebase would be much more expensive than a small, tiny range extender you just need to plug into the power.

You don’t need a mesh network, just a wired ethernet connection to the second (or 3rd, 4th, etc.) Home base. The second home base would have its own set of cameras, but you can look at all the cameras together on the app as if it were one system. I currently do this with 5 Arlo Pro 2 cameras (3 on one base station on one side of the house, and 2 on the other at the other side of the house). I know it is not an ideal solution, but the range stinks and there is not much you can do about it. Hopefully Eufy will develop a reasonable range extender.

The Arlo and Eufy apps are very similar in that you can add all sorts of devices. Presumably Eufy will have a doorbell, and other security devices soon. I actually like the Arlo system, but I am moving and I am buying a new security camera system for the new house. I was considering the Ring system, but then decided on Eufy based on battery life (my Arlo’s would only last a week, so they are all hardwired now) and upcoming HomeKit support (in addition to Google and Alexa). To me Eufy appears to be Arlo on steroids (even in its admittedly current beta state).

Guess … how many “events” (motion detected video records) will you have per day and how long will the record time be for each video?

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