Eufy Cam E pointed at very busy area during day

I have one of my Cam E’s pointed in the backyard which includes the pool. The pool cleaner sets off the alerts non-stop. Is there any way to have the camera go to sleep while the cleaner is running and then turn on once it’s done?

The App lets you create Custom Security modes (other than Home and away). So you can create a mode that exclude that camera (name it No pool)
Then you should be able to use the Schedule Security mode to activate that No pool mode on specific days and hours and your home or away mode the other days/hours

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I’m in the app but don’t see where I can create a custom security mode. I looked in “Camera Working Mode” and “Motion Detection”.

Edit: I went into the homebase settings but don’t see how to keep one camera turned off for certain time periods every day. Ideally I’d like the pool camera to not capture movement from 10am - 5pm every day.

It is not in the device settings, but the security settings.

At the bottom of the App you have three Icons
Devices on the left, Events in the middle, and Security on the right

Security is where you choose what protection mode you want to use.

There are presets for Home and Away that you can customize, as well as Disarmed to deactivate all.
Then there is Schedule as I mentioned previously and where you will be able to activate different modes at different times
And at the bottom there is a blue bar called Customize that allows you to create your own modes, where you would create a mode with the pool camera disabled, mode that you will then activate at certain time in the schedule mode.

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So I’m on the tab in the app but I don’t see a way to schedule one camera to be off from 10am - 5pm every day and then on from 5:01pm to 9:59am every day. Is that possible?

This is a two step process.

First you have to create a security mode that will not record or push notification when the pool camera detects a motion.
You do that by clicking “Customize” at the bottom of the Security tab. Give it a name like “NoPool”, then uncheck the record video and push notification for the camera in question, make sure all the other options for all the other devices are the way you want it, and save that mode.

Once that mode is created, you go back to the Security tab and click the Setting icon right of Schedule, to define when the “NoPoool” mode should be used when the “Schedule” security mode is activated.
When you enter Schedule, by default the week calendar page is all green, meaning it is set to use the “Home” Security mode all the time.
Tap the + sign at the top to define when your “NoPool” mode should be used. That takes you to a page where you can select your “NoPool” mode at the top, then define a start and end time, and then select the days on the week. Once you have done all this click save, and now on your schedule week calendar page you will see a colored block showing when your NoPool mode is used.
If you have more than one time Slot (like 8 to 9 and 3 to 4) or different time slot for different days (like 8 to 9 on Monday and 3 to 4 on Thursday), you will have to define several blocks, using the + at the top of the main Schedule page.

Now if there are day/time slot periods that should use the Away mode, you will also need to define these, the same way you just defined the “NoPool” blocks

Then, back on the main Security tab, select Schedule as your security mode

let me know if that clarifies it.

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Okay, I will give this a try. Thanks!