Eufy Cam E Offline

Buongiorno a tutti,

ho installato 2 mesi fa le prime due Cam E all’esterno dell’abitazione e tutto perfetto.
10 giorni fa ho installato una terza camera esterna a fianco ad una esistente ma puntata all’opposto.
Per i primi 5 giorni tutto perfetto.
Ora dal nulla continua ad andare in offline.
Lavora per cercare il canale ma nulla.
Ho provato a re-installare il tutto, anche ripartire la Homebase, ma dopo breve torna offline.
Quella a fianco (6cm) funziona bene.
Allego immagini per darvi dettagli
Nel frattempo ringrazio tutti.

Ola amico,
not all here are speaking Italiano.
I understand what you are talking about and what your issue is.
But I am not able to give you any help.
Please write in English, so there might be others to understand an help.

Molto Grazie. :wink:

In English:

Goodmorning everyone,

I installed 2 months ago the first two E Cams outside the house and everything was perfect.
10 days ago I installed a third external room next to an existing one but pointed to the opposite.
Everything is perfect for the first 5 days.
Now from nothing continues to go offline.
Work to find the channel but nothing.
I tried to re-install everything, even restart the Homebase, but after a while it comes back offline.
The one on the side (6cm) works well.
I enclose images to give you details
In the meantime, I thank everyone.

Thank you.
If there is no help from our buddies here you might contact the support.
But as it is weekend there might be many not at home.
So be patient . :slightly_smiling_face: