EUFY Cam camera alarm

Every time my camera’s are detecting something the alarm is going off, can i turn off the alarm as it’s annoying the neighbours every time a tree branch moves too much in the wind or a car drives up they cop an ear piercing alarm.

Its under your Mode setting on the App, the one that looks like a shield.

Click that, click the pencil mark to the right of Home or Away settings and disable the alarm setting on each of your cams.


Thank you, took me a bit to find, didn’t realise there was more settings outside the settings section.

I turned the cameras alarm OFF on one camera and it works fine. On another that I want OFF, and set it OFF in the settings profile. BUT, it keeps alarming.

I’ve tried the camera’s alarm back ON and again OFF. Nothing seems to stop it!

Any ideas anyone?

Otherwise, the system works pretty great

Reset the cam that makes always alarm an connect it to the homebase again