[eufy cam] Android App 1.3.5 - Translation Failure

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I have noticed a little optical and german translation failures in the current Android App 1.3.5_285(EU) (Don’t know how much it applies also to the iOS version and/or other languages).

  1. Text is hidden/cut to the left side, not a big thing, but looking ugly and unprofessional. And what is the minus symbol or hyphen for?!

  2. In general the translations are pretty ok and useful and understandable. But there are several translation errors and also the shown timeframe is wrong, as always “Stunden” (hours) is added, even if it is (just) minutes:

The correct translation or syntax would be:

Alarm im Schlummermodus.
Sie erhalten für [Minuten/Stunde(n)] keine Alarmmeldungen von der ausgewählten Kamera. Alle Ereignisse werden trotzdem wie gewohnt weiterhin aufgezeichnet.

I thought you should know about it to be able to fix it. :grinning: (Didn’t we just found out that the updates are finally beta tested ?! No german guy in the beta group?)

Maybe other app users (iOS) and other language users can check if they also have those “issues” as shown above? Or is it only in the german app version?

Thanks and keep up the (mostly) good work Anker :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And send me my L70’s RoboVacs now! (just a kidding offtopic, sorry) :yum:

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Sorry slightly off topic, has night mode switch been put back in live view on .285?

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No, sadly not … same as Audio is still OFF(!) when starting live-stream. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I hope they fix both in the very next update.

No problem bro … here is mine :grin:

@AnkerOfficial …is my birthday present already shipped?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some unimportant errors.
I corrected other manuals which were really horrible.
If they need someone to take care of german manuals I can do.

Maybe unimportant for the usabilty of the product, yes, sure.
…but not unimportant for the reputation and professionalism of a product.

No matter how good a product itself is and which brand of and if 10€ worth or 1000€, if i unpack the product and already the package or manual or app got fatal translation errors like someone used google translator to translate from chinese to german, i just instantly send it back or return it in the shop and get my refund. No discussion. Thats just unprofessional and shows the lack of appreciation for the customer!

And maybe you havn’t read it, i repeat regarding the eufy cam product:

But if there are grievances, no matter how much or big, the manufacturer should be (happy to be) informed. That’s all, not a big thing.

I am writing, translating and correcting manuals.

Comparing these errors we are taking about to those you usually find
they are quite unimportant.

Of course an error-free manual is most desirable,
but even mine still have errors. :smiley:

Of course! You are old and play too much with Willy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
*insider * :grin:

Yes indeed, so I will teach Willy to create manuals,
getting too old for doing such hard and elitist jobs as writing error-free manuals.
I suppose him to be a sly fox, regarding the “S” in his typ 11S.
And a manual for a RoboVac written by a RoboVac is more than AI.:rofl:

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@yamyam hi,yamyam,thanks for your feedback! We will optimize this issue in the next release.

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That would be stylish and innovative! :robot: