Eufy Cam Activity Zone

Anyone testing out the activity zones are useless / don’t work? I’ve set them up on a camera to test, the camera doesn’t record anything. IMOP the beta version isn’t worth releasing.

Please read and check:

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Hello!@Ads_Eufy Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the activity zone. Since the function is still in the stage of beta test, our engineers will continue polishing it in the near future. Could you please confirm whether the camera doesn’t have any recordings (not just the inaccurate recording of activity zone) If yes, please have a try on the following steps to see whether it helps?

-Disable and re-enable the Motion Detection (Step: Slide the left menu>Go to My Devices>Associated cameras>Motion Detection settings>Enable Motion Detection) and make sure the ‘Record Video’ is enabled in both Home and Away mode setting (Steps: Security Mode (right bottom)>Home & Away Settings>Camera name>Tick ‘Record Video’)

-Try rebooting the HomeBase (Steps: unplug the AC power adapter>press the CYCLE button located on the left of the AC power outlet>re-plug the AC power adapter)? Please observe for some time and see whether the recording resumes to normal or not.

If the issue still persists after rebooting, please try remove and re-add the camera in your eufy Security App. The specific steps are as follows:

-Remove the camera in the eufy Security App (Step: slide the left menu> Go to My Devices>Associated camera >Remove Device);
-Rebooting the HomeBase (Steps: unplug the AC power adapter>press the CYCLE button located on the left of the AC power outlet>re-plug the AC power adapter);
-Re-add the camera to the App.

Please save the important vedio clip before camera removal and also observe for some time whether the recording resumes to normal or not.

For further assistance, please contact Thanks so much for your valuable time!


@AnkerSupport, thanks for the well described instructions below. I’ve carried them all out, took a while. But still no avail, not working like I would have expected. Thanks for the email, might send them off a note to see how this can be fixed. Cheers

Hi! Is there a future date when the feature is released? Best regards Christian

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Anyway, the wifi connection was so low (compared to my wlan router) that I have to give back the system

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eufy cam is know for its horrible range yes. I got only 12 meters max range in a downtown setting with just one wall in between! I can understand why this is inacceptable for you and why you give back the cam.

There was a eufy cam range extender promised some “years” ago (feels like) and according to their own timeline it should be already released, but … nothing. Not even a new date was announced. :disappointed:

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@yamyam & @AnkerOfficial, the beta activity zones. I have one zone set as a trial. The area in the activity zone has no traffic or people within the zone. I have only set to pick up people. However it records more than 40 empty activities per day. The sensitivity is set at 60. After deleting the activity zone, I get less notifications with a higher sensitivity and wider area to monitor. There appears to be some serious issues with the activity zones, so much, I don’t think it is even worthy of being in Beta testing for the public.

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