Eufy cam 2C range through concrete

Is anyone using the Eufy Cam 2C cameras and home base in a country where houses are built of concrete?

If so what is the actual range between the base and cameras outside concrete walls that are 30cm thick (1 foot)?


I think there may be a few other factors to determine the range per say through concrete.

The best thing is to use wifi range finder when you are setting up the camera. As you move the camera to a certain area the range finder should provide how strong the signal is. If you already have the camera set up, you can move the camera to where you want to mount it and then go to the mounting guide and go through the pages until it gets to the wifi signal and view the signal strength.

Thanks, I am trying to know beforehand.
I read some reviews on Amazon France of people saying they had no problem with 18meters between the base inside and the camera outside. If so that should be good.

Many factors influencing.

If you’re square to the wall you are through only that thickness of concrete, but if an angle then you’re going through more concrete.

Metal in the wall or near the camera or base will absorb radio, as does water.

The more electronics in the area more interference.

So someone with a square angle through wall in a low population density area may find it works when someone at oblique angle in a high population area (e.g. apartment block) won’t work.