Eufy cam 2c alarm delay


Is there anyway I can delay the camera alarm to allow me to get into the house to change the security mode to Home on the keypad?

I have added a delay but it seems that the delay only works upon leaving (leaving delay). The ‘alarm delay’ setting only works to delay the home-base alarm, not the camera alarm.


Ask here as well :

Would it not defeat the purpose of the alarm?

You can always turn the camera off before you enter. Although I am unsure on the keypad

If you go to the away alarm setting (hit the cog wheel on the away, it gives you the option to set the time for when the alarm will go off. (it gives up to 300 seconds)…

Yes true. But triggering the alarm every single time I get home is quite irritating.

I don’t find using the phone app very intuitive. Or at least for my style of use, hence why I got the keypad to make it more family user friendly.

Unfortunately that only delays the home-based alarm not the camera alarm…