eufy cam 2 white out

Recently installed 3 eufy cam 2’s and an add on doorbell cam. One of the cam2’s always goes to whiteout before live video feed starts. Do not have that issue with any of the other devices. Do not know if it is a defective camera, a setup issue or what. Any ideas?

Hi @mto have you tried removing and re-adding the affected camera to the Homebase? If so and the settings are the same as the other two working cameras I would suggest reaching out to as it sounds like a faulty camera.

Is ‘removing and re-adding the camera to the Homebase’ a genuine solution to this problem or just a guess that ‘switching off and on again’ might offer a solution?
I also have one of my eufyCam 2 cameras that displays this ‘white out’ at the start of all recordings and am looking for a solution. Thanks

The same with me. One of 2 eufyCam 2 suddenly shows at the beginning of the recording for one to 2 seconds this overexposure.
A new pairing changes nothing

issue seems to be caused by previous firmware update, contact Eufy support for them to send you an updated firmware to resolve the waking up brightness issue.

Thanks for the reply!
That was right. after updating to system version 2.7.4, the camera works normally again.

When you contact the support email let them know the problem and provide them with the base station serial number along with the email associated with your account.

I appreciate everyone’s follow-ups and hopefully my problem will be resolved within a day or two