Eufy Cam 2 Skin – Product Review

During the 2020 Eufy Christmas Raffle I managed to win a few new products to add to my Security set up… This was one of them.

The Eufy Cam 2 Skin is a funny product to sell, but when I sat and thought about the product its self, it all made sense. When buying cameras it’s probably not a great idea to tell the criminals what you are using as they can research this and find flaws in the system. By covering up the outside body of the camera you make it much harder to distinguish the brand. This is similar to what DSLR owners do to protect their cameras from thieves also.

Now the case its self is made from silicone and just slides straight over the camera from the back fixing to the front lens. This does mean that you need to take down the cameras to install this but it’s always worth giving them a clean anyway. There is no real protection here as the silicone is soft and no lens protection. It doesn’t even add extra protection for the charging port which I assumed is due to the introduction of the solar panel. There is also still a logo on the side of the case, although this is just a mould impression and can’t be seen until very close up.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have ever thought about buying these and I originally saw them as a waste of money. Now I have them on the other hand, I see the benefits and can’t recommend them enough. I’ve attached photos below of before and after installation and their great.

Side view:

Front view:

Back and bottom view:

Photo taken from 5 metres away:

Photo taken 5 metres away + 8 x Zoom

Photo taken 5 metres away + 8 x Zoom

I will be posting this on both the Eufy and Anker Forum + More reviews to come.


Would be easy to install a small kid of “roof” over the cameras,
to protect these from rain and snow.
I think its more than worth it.
Its high tech :rofl:

I made this with a motion detector lamp in the backyard.
Perfect working properly for 4 years now.

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I’ve thought about using an actual bird house and cutting out the front panel but I don’t want actual birds getting excited and making a home there.

I wouldn’t appreciate my Homebase screaming at me at 3am because it’s a local Magpies feeding time!

I got two of these and love them as it helps to protect from the elements. I’m waiting for the solar panels to go on sale so I don’t have to worry about recharging the cameras

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Guys, I used to love the Floolight cam 2 pro after the last firmware update. My camera is not working well. bought it like 3 o 4 months since the last firmware upgrade it is being a nightmare camera. This surveillance camera don’t and I have to rest much time in a day to show the image or lose connection while you are watching. Many times tried to get some response from customer support, but they even know anything.
Eufy cameras are not good. I wish I did a much better search when I was looking for a surveillance camera don’t trust those guys on youtube that get paid by this company to show something that is garbage.

I’d be careful with one aspect of saying people are paid to do reviews.

They are basically being paid by you the viewer as they get paid by YouTube based on views likes subscribed.

Vendors usually send kit for free to such people who spend time making the video.

Obviously if you got the kit you want to to get views with the least amount of effort hence the prevalence of unboxing , read out the specs, and no real evaluation. There’s a minority of true reviewers who invest time in evaluation and give deeper critiques but they are made harder to find by Anker dumping high quantities of free kit to those who only do unboxing.

I can’t control the gullibility of others. But I can control mine. I don’t even watch such superficial “reviews”. I come to places like here and read owners reviews.

I don’t make video reviews either, I write text posts in places like here once I’ve had sufficient time to know confidently the pros and cons.

I’d prefer if Anker sent fewer free kit and focus on a few good reviews, those would then get more views as it’s focused. Win-win.

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Propaganda is needed if it has a serious content or not doesn’t matter.
All those senseless unboxing videos are only such a propaganda.

And dont forget for many the task to read a well written text, is a real hard work! :sweat_smile:

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