Eufy Cam 2 Pro Administrator Notification Bug.


I just recently got the Eufycam 2 Pro and it’s been great so far. One issue I’ve run into is in regards to notifications. My phone has been setup as an administrator. Another family members phone has the master account and was used to set everything up.


When I (administrator) click on a notification that’s say, an hour old, it doesn’t take me to that specific recorded event, it takes me to the current live feed of that camera. Is this a bug? I double checked on the master phone, and when I click an older notification, it immediately pulls up that specific event recording.

Hopefully that makes sense and someone can help.


Hi @trevorhorton28,

Please make sure you’ve updated your APP to the newest version. :blush:

The problem should be fixed once you update the APP.

Thank you

I updated earlier this morning to the latest version. It’s still not fixed. Should I wait for the next update?