eufy cam 2 motion detection range limitation upto 1 metre only

Hi all,

I am submitting this to the community in the hope that somoeone out there has an answer to the limitaiton of eufy cam2 motion range.

I bought Eufy cam2 (4 camera unit with base) the day before yesterday and installed one of the cam over my garage yesterday. The motion is activated when I am almost under the unit, i.e. 1 metre.

Settings are as follows
Camera: On
Auto night vision: On
Anti-theft Detection: On
Camera working mode: Optimal
Notification settings: All alerts
Motion detection: On and Detection sensitivity 7 High (originally at 4)
Detection type: All Motions

This is frustrating as I expected the camera to atleast sense motions five metres away.

Appreciate any suggestion.


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Hi @Monju
I can’t help with your product but just to add there is also a site dedicated to Eufy security with a forum too.
Check out

Having the same issue, i can “sneak” to the camera until i get to 1 meter from it…50% of the times I don’t get a notification. I have many security camera so i placed an Arlo pro in the same spot and motion detection is much better in distance.