Eufy Cam 2 C - Extended USB Storage

Hello everyone,

So I just recently purchased the Eufy Cam 2c (3 cameras, can’t wait for it to come!) and I know that the Homebase comes with 16GB of internal storage. I have read that there are going to update it to allow external storage via the USB on the back of the Homebase. Have they made mention when this functionality is going to be available?


Thanks for reaching out!

The good news is the extended storage for the Homebase 2 will be available within 2-3 months if everything goes well!

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Any info on the spec for external storage?
Min / max size?
File structure (fat32, exfat, NTFS, other)?
Whether it’ll need to be formatted using homebase before use?
Whether it will be readable on Android / computer afterwards?

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Thank you for your reply.

We currenly does not have the information release on this case. The feature is still during the testing period. So sorry for keeping you waiting.

If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thanks again for your support! Have a nice day!

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Hy, is there something new for this topic? When can we count with this feature?

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IMO, Eufy should be concentrating their software development dollars first fixing the security ecosystem of their currently available products, even if that means moving some add-on features further back of the line (IFTTT, USB port memory expansion etc…).
IMO, software priorities should be:
#1 making ALL their products HomeBase compatible. Like the wired doorbell and all the indoor cameras. Currently their Eufy Alarm kit only supports homebase products and a single homebase at that. So completing that circle should be #1 priority as it also generates new sales (cause increased sales and profits is very important while you are spending money developing and fixing issues)
#2 - adding the quick ability to arm the whole Eufy security system that consists of multiple homebases (in other words adding a top icon line on the main screen, like in the Ring app, with Away/Home/Custom icons and a settings icon that allows for a Master/Slave designation of multiple homebases. That will allow the Master Homebase to arm automatically also the slave hombases - this is actually going to be the easiest to do software wise and has the payoff that makes the Eufy alarm kit actually useable (as currently the keypad can only arm or disarm a single homebase). Also adding a master/slave ability could in fact help solve the memory expansion by giving you 16Gb+16Gb+16Gb by spreading your cameras to multiple homebases (let’s not forget that the battery doorbell comes with a homebase for only $20 extra, all the camera kits come with a homebase, and the alarm kit comes also with a homebase; so you have 3 homebases with the purchase of those 3 kits. So doing these changes makes the multiple homebases a great USABLE addition to the security system and means more sales for Eufy).
#3 - Currently the Google hub/Alexa integration is non-existent and the video streaming that currently exists has an unusable delay of 20sec. They should instead concentrate on adding FAST audio-only interactivity that makes the system voice enabled beyond the “show me <the non-real time 20sec delayed> doorbell”. And a good Google Home integration kills 2 birds with one stone. Google Home already has good integration with IFTTT, so good Google Home integration means good Eufy IFTTT ability without having to write a single line of code.

Eagerly awaiting that USB storage upgrade. WOULD LOVE a 1TB, or 500g option, I go through 5 gigs in about 3 days with my settings. Or if your team can’t deliver it’s promise for storage upgrade, make it open for regular USB pls. Would happily pay 100 bucks for a firmware upgrade that would allow regular external harddrives to work with it.

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We need storage expansion… Where is it?

please focus on it

I’ll be making someone an awesome deal on my eufy doorbell and cams. Switching to a better product. I will advise everyone I can to stay away from the eufy system. Very disappointed.

I have been looking into a video doorbell and 2-4 cams,
Is USB storage still not available?
If not I will look for other products instead of buying Eufy.


Anker, any update on this?

‘2-3months’ doesn’t seem that accurate anymore. I’m going with Arlo who provide this functionality already

When is this feature coming out?

In October of last year one of the Moderators on the Eufy Community forum confirmed that expanded storage will not be coming to Homebase 2. A new camera and Homebase 3 will be released in 2021 that will feature expanded functionality. No specifics on what functionality was going to be included.


I have also seen another post somewhere that confirmed that expanded storage made Homebase 2 unstable. I am guessing that they found adding on-the-fly decryption for that storage used too much processing power and better hardware was needed. Lots of products use a dedicated co-processor to handle decryption duties. That would explain why they couldn’t just do this with a firmware update. I for one would much rather they upgrade the Homebase hardware to add functionality, rather than push out an update the damages the performance of the homebase.

Welcome and thanks.

That makes sense.

I would have preferred if marketing had not said “coming” to anything not well down into beta steps, as until you build it, you don’t know if it’s viable. So I see an Eufy marketing error. They made many errors, probably due a failing individual in Eufy.

I would also have preferred if all consumers knew the above and would not buy anything with a “coming” as it actually causes the problem. If a consumer buys based on an unfounded claim, then it kind of pulls the unfounded claim into existence, sales go up.

The best way to protect oneself is an old simple concept “sold as seen”.

In a public forum, it is not helpful, does not work to bully the laws of physics to change. If a product cannot handle it, then it can’t. “Hope” is not a physical process.

Errors all round.


Indeed, it was one feature that attracted me to the product so they need to be honest and admit if it was to be coming or not.

Please provide this ASAP. 16GB is not acceptable in this day and age… This is why I purchased as I thought it was already available. Until I plugged in HDD and nothing is showing up.

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If I had known the inbuilt storage was not expandable, I would NEVER have bought this product. I truly wish the BBB would clamp down on companies that make promises for their products and never deliver! This happens way too often nowadays.

Time to pack it up and ship back to Amazon!!