Eufy Cam 2 Battery Backup in power outage

Hi guys - I have seen some discussions on this on other forums but just want a definitive answer.
In relation to the Eufy Cam 2/Homebase 2- is there any recourse in case of a power outage?
i.e. is there a built in battery that allows to Homebase to continue to record images until power is restored?
Many thanks


Hey @Gerard_Brennan
It appears the cameras are battery powered for easy of installation and placement but the Homebase is mains powered.
If you system is important to keep running during a power outage then consider a UPS for the Homebase and your home router.

Something like the link below, there are loads of options depending on how long you need the battery to last.

Thank you Paul, yes this was my thinking. I wonder will it be a feature in the future as seems like a necessary fall back to have.
Separately if there is a power outage, do the cameras sound an alarm as if they were pulled from holders?

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It could be @Gerard_Brennan
There is an Ideas and Suggestion section, maybe develop your idea and post a thread there and see what attention it attracts.
Personally i dont have the product but as the cameras are battery powered and made for external use I wouldn’t have thought they would produce a sound on power outage. That could be a sign to a would be burglar that your security system is compromised.