Eufy Bodysense Smart Scale connection failure

Has anyone been experiencing bluetooth connection problems since the latest app update? Mine won’t connect. Bluetooth indicator flashes on and off, app shows ‘connecting’ but nothing happens. Customer service unable to help. Very frustrating.

Not had any issues under iOS with my first gen model. Have you tried a clean pairing of your scale with the app?

No problems here. Running Android 9 on Samsung Note 9

I just used mine today and it worked fine.

Phone and OS?

Thanks for the replies. It’s an iphone 6, ios 12.3.1, the app is v 2.1.1(17). Scale is model T9140. I have tried re-installing batteries, removed and re-installed the app, remove and tried to re-pair the scale and the app, restarted the phone…

The last entry I had was May 27th, so it must have been something that happened since then.

I’m at a loss, you have already tried everything I would have recommended.

All of the info you provided will be a huge help to @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport to figure out and resolve the problem.

Good news is that the scale stores a week or two of measurements if you do get it to work. Maybe @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical has a solution maybe the scale can be reset.

It sounds like the issue might be with the scale itself. I recommend a replacement.