Eufy Battery Doorbell

Hey guys,

So the app update is live and it has Battery Doorbell now. Can I buy one ?!!


iOS update… top of the list…

Mmm… whatS you point? I’ve ask if I can buy one :grinning:

Saw this too. This is excellent news, hopefully it is available soon.

I don’t have wiring for a doorbell and don’t want to get it, so really wanted a wireless one like the Ring. Ring has poor reviews so really extremely keen to see what this can do.

I guess a lot of stuff being timed with CES - as EufyCam2 and Floodlight Cam now available in UK this week.

Yeah, hopefully someone from Anker can give us a bit more info.

I am sorry but which app.

Hey Guys @Ozslon @Duane_Lester @Pilkie @Adrian_Potts:blush:

For the eufy Battery Doorbell, it will be released within 3-4 months. You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us

Have a beautiful day!

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@AnkerSupport - When will the wired eufy doorbell video and battery one be available for Europe please? Its now 2020 and we’re still waiting. We need answers otherwise I’ll be going elsewhere.

Yea I saw this, pretty exciting for those that need a battery doorbell! If they manage to make it look close to the wired one I think a lot of people will appreciate that.

Have the dimensions for this doorbell being given yet? I’ve limited space so curious to whether it’s going to be a possibility for me.

I’m surprised anyone is still holding out for European release, don’t forget the wired doorbell has already missed at least 4 release dates so I wouldn’t wait for the battery one

Floodlight was only 4 months late so maybe September - January 2021 for the battery doorbell European release

It’s disgusting how they’re treating us europeans. I’ve spent alot on anker products and this is how they respond. No comment

@AnkerSupport Okay it’s been 3 months now. Is there any news on when the battery Doorbell will release in europe? Been waiting for this thing since I backed the kickstarter basicly :smiley:

We are so glad to hear that you are interested in our battery doorbell. If everything goes well, it should be available in June. Please stay tuned to all of our social media and eufy website to get the latest information.

Oh that sounds sweet. Thx for the info!

For info I ordered a battery doorbell Monday and got it delivered in Belgium today
Hope setup will go smoothly

from which seller did you purchase your battery doorbell ?

Hello Rudolf
I ordered my battery door bell from a Dutch distributor

Hope this help
PS mine is now installed and works fine (after last microcode update)

Thanks for the info. Just ordered from the same website.